2016: Taking Out Harry

2016 US Senate candidate and Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Beers spent ten years representing Las Vegas residents at the state legislature (where legislators from the private-sector are paid less than minimum wage) from 1998 to 2008. There, he developed a reputation as a steadying force on government finance and a fierce champion of citizen’s rights and economic freedom. In 2006, Beers finished second in the 5-way Republican primary for Governor (finishing ahead of the Lt. Governor) and was awarded “Legislator of the Year” at the 34th annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council in Philadelphia (July 2007).

A certified public accountant, Councilman Beers and partners started a computer networking and accounting software service company in 1989 and sold to a regional CPA firm in 2002. He consulted other companies (mostly on their marketing) for several years, and, with new partners, started a CPA firm in 2009. Upon election to the Las Vegas City Council in 2012, Beers sold majority interest in the firm to a couple of Deloitte alumni (read about them here) and has devoted his full-time attention to his work for City taxpayers.

Just before his 2008 legislative election loss, he filed a libel lawsuit against the Nevada State Democratic Party because they lied about him (specifically, that he had been under review by the Nevada Commission on Ethics). In 2010, the libel case was settled out of court with the Nevada State Democratic Party writing a letter admitting that they lied.  Beers directed their entire cash penalty to be donated to Opportunity Village, and it was.

In 2012, Beers was elected to fill the unexpired term of his predecessor who had been appointed District Attorney for Clark County. In 2013, Beers was elected to a full four year term with a city-high 76.3% of the vote.

As Councilman, Beers also sits on the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition, Southern Nevada Health District Board, Debt Commission, and both the State and Local Workforce Investment Boards.

He has two grown children and has been married to his wife Sarah for more than 30 years.

Beers plays the bass most recently, but has played the banjo steady for most of the past ten years. He is a lifelong musician. Lately, he hasn’t been playing much. A few things are more important.

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