• From a 12/15/14 RJ story about the LV City Council
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To the approximately one thousand Las Vegas voters who gathered signatures, and the almost 7-thousand voters registered in City limits who signed the petition, please accept my sincere thanks for your efforts to have a voice in this steamroller administration.

On Friday, February 6, Clark County District Judge Jerry Wiese issued an order granting the Parks Protection Committee is Writ of Mandamus to require the City of Las Vegas to follow the law and put the question on the ballot.

Here is Judge Wiese’s Order.

It is not yet known if the Mayor will order a legal appeal to continue her quest to give $100-million in value (the Judge calls it “funding and gifts” on page 2 of his order) to some favored developers on their promise to bring a professional sports team. If not, the question of whether to pull the plug on the idea will be on the June ballot.

The City fielded four attorneys to our one, and while you paid for the City legal defense team, the Parks Protection Committee has not yet finished paying its lawyer. Even though it feels a little like double taxation, the Committee could use your help with a financial contribution, even a small one! If you can help, call Bob Beers at 702-592-8822 or mail a check to Parks Protection Committee c/o Seale & Beers, CPAs, 8250 W. Charleston, LV, NV 89117.

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