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Bob Beers, CPA, has announced his candidacy to become the Republican nominee for US Senate in 2016. Here is the brochure mailed to inveterate Republicans to announce his candidacy.

Beers served six years in Nevada’s Assembly and four years in its Senate, where he led the fight against the 2003 tax-and-spend hikes. In 2006 he ran for Governor, finishing second in a five-way primary and gaining valuable relationships throughout the state. He quit politics the Monday after losing re-election to the State Senate in 2008, started a CPA firm that audits small public companies, and sued the Nevada Democratic Party for its 2008 slander. They settled out of court in 2010 by writing Beers a letter admitting that they lied about him, and writing a check to his favorite charity, Opportunity Village.

Beers was approached by a group of Nevadans in 2009 to run for US Senate in 2010. He said no – he was busy building the CPA business and had quit politics. In 2012, however, he was elected to the Las Vegas City Council. Within three months he recruited his replacement at the CPA firm and was working full-time for taxpayers.

Today, he is still a full-time Las Vegas City Councilman with a track record including:

Leading the effort to stop the City from giving $100-million dollars to a speculative soccer stadium developer

Leading the effort to repeal the 2009 energy code, which impeded the redevelopment of downtown

Leading the effort to keep the City’s budget in balance during a time of economnic recession and reduced tax revenue

Many neighborhood level accomplishments

The same group who approached Beers in 2009 to go to Washington did it again in 2014, and Beers agreed to serve if elected. If he is not elected, he would run for reelection to City Hall in 2017, because he describes it as “the most fun job I’ve ever had.” If he wins the race, he will step down from the City Council in order to serve in Washington, DC.

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