About Bob

Welcome to the website of Bob Beers, CPA, the Republican candidate for Nevada Treasurer in 2018.

Beers grew up in Nevada, attending the full range of public education offerings (Cashman, Clark, CSN, UNR, UNLV) before building and selling two businesses, both based around Treasury functions in the private, public and non-profit sectors. He is currently the elected Treasurer of the Old Spanish Trail Association, a non-profit supported by the National Park Service to promote the Old Spanish Trail, the only National Trail that goes through Las Vegas. In the past, he has been elected Treasurer for the Nevada Republican Party, Tonopah Historic Mining Park Foundation, Southern Nevada Clean Communities, and a host of other organizations.

Beers will bring the office the integrity of the CPA profession, repeated experience leading groups the size of the Treasurer’s staff to excel, and a resume steeped in studying internal controls over cash receipts (a key Constitutional duty of the office). As a past student at both UNR and UNLV, he is the perfect spokesperson for the “Prepaid College Tuition” programs that the Treasurer manages.

Bob has been married to Sarah for 35 years. Their children are grown but they now have a granddaughter to dote on.

Beers plays the bass most recently, but has played the banjo steady for most of the past ten years. He is a lifelong musician.

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