In 1980, Bob Beers quit UNR’s school of journalism to become the news director for KCBN and KRNO radio in Reno, where he already worked part-time as a disc jockey. He was the youngest broadcast news director in the history of the state, maybe because the station owners weren’t paying close attention.

While Sarah finished her sociology degree at UNR, Bob made current events interesting for radio listeners, and when Sarah graduated, the two moved back to Las Vegas where employment opportunities were better, plus their parents invited them to at-least weekly steak dinners, with baked potato.

Bob went to work at KLUC and KMJJ radio, where, in 1982, he won “Best Miniseries” and “Best Newscast” awards from the Associated Press in the AP’s Medium Market California-Nevada-Hawaii division.

The first segment (of twenty) of Bob Beers’ AP award-winning miniseries “The Future of Las Vegas” can be heard here.

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