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Beers was elected to the Nevada Assembly in 1998 to serve in the 1999 Legislature. It still meets four months every two years, far from home. Beers ended up serving five sessions representing Summerlin neighborhoods, and developed a reputation as a steadying force on government finance and a fierce champion of citizen’s rights and economic freedom.

Source: Wikipedia

Beers finished second in the GOP primary for Governor in 2006 and was awarded “Legislator of the Year” at the 34th annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council in Philadelphia (July 2007). He was not re-elected in the 2008 Obama election sweep. Beers refocused on work in the private sector.

For five years, Beers built a new auditing business (Seale & Beers, CPAs, sold in 2013) then in 2012, Beers was elected to fill the unexpired term on the Las Vegas City Council of now-Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson, who had just been appointed DA. In 2013, Beers was elected to a full four year term, but he was defeated for re-election in 2017 largely on the issue of whether the City should follow the law or interfere with redevelopment of the Badlands Golf Course, which has been zoned for homes since before the golf course was built. All the homeowners had initialed disclosures in their purchase agreements that the golf course would eventually be redeveloped. A few pooled wallets and spent more than a million dollars opposing his reelection.

Also from 2009 until 2012, Beers served on the five-member turnaround Board of Directors of the non-profit Las Vegas Monorail Company, a seasoned group of five community leaders, appointed by the Governor to guide the system through some interesting new legal precedents in US Bankruptcy Court. Beers is proud to have delivered on his promise to Governor Gibbons: taxpayer damage would be minimized in the financial train wreck that followed. There was none.

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