Nevada Veterans Association Endorses Beers

Reflect somberly on Memorial Day today.

I was a Midshipman in the Naval Reserve, but I have never mentioned it before because it just wasn’t real military service. I place my hand over my heart when I say the Pledge of Allegiance out of respect for those who really did serve.

I am proud to have earned the endorsement for Treasurer of the Nevada Veterans Association over a fellow who starts his speech with his reserve service forty years ago. You can find the NMA on Facebook here.

By the way, Veterans frequently end up in Unclaimed Property – things like utility deposits from off-base housing end up held by the Treasurer in the state you served. All have an online database you can look yourself up in.

New endorsement

Beers got a nice endorsement from Tom Panagos Second Amendment Primary Voter Guide, which he posted over on Facebook, this Memorial Day Weekend:


Bob Beers
Candidate (R)
NRA = A Endorsed

Bob is the best candidate for this position. With his years of experience as a CPA, his time in the NV Legislature and on the Las Vegas City Council, he has the breadth of experience to do the job. PLUS he is a fiscal conservative that is a strong 2A supporter. We’ve known Bob for years. He was ousted from the state legislature for advocating for Campus Carry. He’s a Ham Radio operator.

He’s exceptionally familiar with municipal finance, and the pitfalls of socialist policies. He nearly single handedly stopped the boondoggle that was the soccer stadium. Bob has, to the best of our knowledge, run an entirely positive campaign. He has spoken of his qualifications, without tearing down his opponent. See below for why this matters.

The Other Guy
Candidate (R)
NRA = ?

Derek comes off as a really nice guy. But do we want to elect nice guys or qualified guys? We want to elect the best person to office. We believe Bob Beers is more qualified. If Derek happens to win the primary we will definitely support him in the general election, as the alternative (electing a D) is not an option.

Notes: There were some really egregious attack ads that came out against Bob Beers on social media, full of outright lies. They were posted anonymously. When his opponent was confronted on the issue, he denied having any knowledge of it. While there is no outright proof that these ads were posted by his opponent, who else would post them?

The Problem With Starting At The Top

The campaigns for the Republican nomination for Nevada Treasurer started in 2017, and both campaigns were required to file a Campaign Contribution & Expense report on Jan 15, 2018 disclosing last year’s activity. My opponent disclosed that he went $30,000 into debt campaigning for Treasurer in ’17.

The campaigns-to-date for 2018 just filed reports for all activity since Jan 1, 2018. My Republican primary opponent disclosed he went another $50,000 into debt during the new year. Total debt so far is $80,000. The plan is to ratchet the money out of folks after he’s elected, in order to pay the debt back.

The reports just filed require candidates to report their debts as well as their donations and expenses. My opponent reports no debt, even though he is now $80K underwater.

Look, many beginners fail to figure out which forms to fill out, or what to put on them. It’s not a crime, because he will be able to quickly amend an illegal report to comply with the law.

The point is that the top is a terrible place for a beginner to start, especially on the rest of us citizens. This is a Nevada Constitutional office, and we need a Republican who can win the General, not a nice guy who will embarrass us all by not figuring out how to comply with campaign law.

You can look up everyone’s reports at the Secretary of State Website here.