Beers and Raggio

Thanks to the Ward 2 resident who found and emailed this picture, from the Reno Gazette Journal, taken during the time Beers served in the Nevada Senate. The man standing is the legendary Sen. Bill Raggio.

The photo was taken at the Senate Finance Committee, where Beers was the vice-chair. No other candidate running for City Council has governmental budgeting experience.

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  1. I’ve only been in Las Vegas two years and in this district now for a year. My main concern at the moment is CRIME. It is out of control and our police are telling us they are not capable of handling anything but answering calls. I’ve been robbed as well as about 30 others in a half mile radius in the past three months. We are told it is gangs and that is a possibility but they are well organized. The break-ins all follow the same pattern. Why can’t our police do more than take reports? Prior to this outbreak my neighbors who have lived here for twenty years have not reported a single crime in our neighborhood. What can be done about these increases in crime. Walls are now being painted with graffitti and never has this been here before. It is time to take our community back. What if anything is your concern?

  2. Hi Fred –

    The City maintains a graffiti abatement program – their website is here: – that can help with that issue.

    Do you think the increase in burglaries that you and your neighbors have noticed is related to the high unemployment rate in our area?

    Regarding Metro – I can’t second guess the detectives working the ring of thieves in your neighborhood, but I believe they take their duties very seriously, are profoundly offended by such lawlessness, and are doing as good a job gathering enough evidence to prosecute the criminals as officers in any US city would do.

  3. Congratulations on the win, Bob.

    It is good to see someone with a financial background on the Council.

    In response to the plague of graffiti, we need a better approach. I recommend a two pronged solution: 1. Get neighborhood watch groups established in every section, and provide the Watch groups with self-help paint supplies. Have the Watch groups aggressively attack the graffiti immediately, without waiting for the County. Also, have the Watch groups meet with or write to local property owners, especially absentee owners.
    2. Education: we need a series of public service announcements and an anti graffiti vandalism program for our schools. The PSAs should say something like, “No matter what you spray on that wall, it just says, L-O-S-E-R!

    Again, congratulations on the win, now roll up your sleeves, along with our fellow citizens, and lets get to work!

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