The Long Colorado

Las Vegans woke up this morning to this scary headline in the Sun:

In last year, Lake Mead dropped below 10 million acre feet for first time

Meanwhile, over at the Lake Powell water level database, the reservoir upstream from us is only half empty, has been delivering roughly the same amount of water per year since the dam was built a half century ago (with the exception of a couple of flood events, and today holds more than Lake Mead does. The 27 reservoirs above it …

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Happy Birthday Clark High School

Happy Birthday Clark High School

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My old Alma Mater, Clark High School, turns 50 this year. Alumni were invited to attend. The hallway between the classrooms and the gymnasium was lined with student-drawn portraits of notable alumni. Catherine Cortez-Masto and me! To my fellow alumni – you still can’t hear much in the gymnasium during an assembly!

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NCSL on City Stadiums

The National Conference of State Legislators is one of the three “trade associations” Nevada lawmakers can affiliate with. They’ve just published an interesting look at government funded sports stadiums. Essentially, the article says – “Don’t do it! But if you must, here are ten important checkpoints you should include in your deal…”

How many of the guidelines (not counting “Don’t Do It”) can you find that are ignored in the proposed Goodman Stadium downtown?

Here’s the full report.

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State Treasurer Posts Alternate Nevada State Budget

Disclosure note: From time to time, I serve as treasurer for various political campaigns. I served as campaign treasurer for Dan Schwartz last year.

Nevada Treasurer Dan Schwartz has proposed a budget plan for the state that increases spending 4.6% over the next two years. This stands directly opposed to Governor Brian Sandoval’s proposed state budget that increases spending over 12%, and would require over a billion in tax hikes on Nevadans instead of tourists. This comes on the heels of major state tax hikes, mostly …

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Court Date Set – This Wednesday

Photo by Jacob Orth

Our Writ of Mandamus will be heard by Judge Jerry A. Wiese on Wednesday morning in Courtroom 14A of the Regional Justice Center, 200 Lewis Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89155. The docket starts at 8:30am. Here’s a map.

The City states that it will not follow the law regarding the number of signatures required to get the tax-funded soccer stadium in Symphony Park on the ballot at the next city election. The Writ of Mandamus requires the City to tell the court …

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