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Bob’s cell is 702-592-8822. He’s still learning a new phone, so leave a message if he doesn’t pick up.

If you’re interested in offering your personal endorsement, please write using the form below.

Beers has to raise about $250,000 in contributions to finance a winning campaign. With nothing more than Good Government to offer, every $100 check from a concerned citizen counts on this campaign.

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  1. I have known Bob for nearly 30 years. His integrity is without question. He has MY vote because he has my best interests at heart.

  2. Hello Mr. Beers,
    I will be voting for you this election. I have been researching the election and I would like to know when voting day is so I can cast my vote for you? I received my reregistration in the mail the other day and am wondering the date i am to report to vote?

    Thank you
    Casey Wright

  3. While I am concerned with your comments in today’s newspaper about the city’s redevelopment effort, I do believe that you are the best person to fill the Ward 2 seat. Please keep an open mind when the discussion turns to downtown revitalization. As a 32 year resident currently residing in Ward 2, I was thrilled to see the great things that are happening downtown and I will definitely be spending more time there. Good luck with your city council race, Mr. Beers!

  4. I am a volunteer for Broadway Bound a youth organization that produces full-scale youth musicals twice per year at the Summerlin Library Performing Arts. The LVCCLD Board of Trustees recently approved new Performing Arts Center rates for non-profit and community special interest groups that increased theater rental from $10 to $170 per hour and Technician labor from $12 to $40 per hour (an average of 300%-700% increase for user groups; 700% for Broadway Bound). Community user groups cannot afford the increased rental rates and the library’s patrons cannot afford to pay the 2-3 times increased admission ticket prices that would result from the increase. Beginning May 2012 (after all contracts under the old rates have expired) the Performing Arts Centers will be void of theatrical and musical performances, and Las Vegas will lack even more quality affordable performing arts in its community.

    What is your position on this issue?

    I’ve started a petition at search words Performing Arts Center where I’ve collected 365 signatures (as of right now) in just 3 days. This is an issue that matters to your district.

  5. Hi Marcy –

    Looks like we’re going to have to get some forum management software setup here if I am fortunate enough to get elected.

    My family attends most of the Summerlin Theater plays – Seastrand Helping Hands and Signature Theater Group. I have apparently missed your group’s productions, darn it.

    But all have the same problem, and it’s emblematic of government wrong-think in hard times. It’s why government’s default behavior when budgets get tight is to raise taxes rather than cut costs.

    As a City Council member, I will counsel my peers to learn from the example that the Library’s new policy will soon become – by raising rates they will actually suffer a large drop in revenue. Hopefully, the trustees will recognize the error in their ways and figure out another way, perhaps by contracting out their theater for a percentage of the gate receipts instead of a flat rate.

    1. FYI – With the help of the Mayor and my fellow council members, we were able to help Mrs. Reidy and the Library District negotiate a compromise that will ensure the return of community theater to our Library Performing Arts Centers.

  6. As a resident of Ward 2, I will be voting for Bob Beers.

    This is the right time and the right place for a fiscal conservative like Beers.

    He will also be an independent voice and vote for Ward 2. We need that.

  7. Congratulations on your victory. I hope that your future voting record will restore my faith in the political process. I’m sure that you are well aware of the recent interest in politics as demonstrated by the enormous number of delegates at the county convention. I have committed to remain involved in the republican party as well as my wife and her extensive family ties here in the Vegas Valley. I have no problem campaigning for any representative that chooses to uphold the republican platform. I will actively campaign against any representative whose voting record does not reflect these conservative values in an effort to replace them with an individual who will vote in accordance with the party lines. Being an incumbent is no longer an automatic bid for re-election. There are thousands of people that share this sentiment. I wish you good luck in your future position and hope that you take this message to heart.

    Thank you,

    Matthew Roach

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