Court Date Set – This Wednesday

Photo by Jacob Orth

Our Writ of Mandamus will be heard by Judge Jerry A. Wiese on Wednesday morning in Courtroom 14A of the Regional Justice Center, 200 Lewis Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89155. The docket starts at 8:30am. Here’s a map.

The City states that it will not follow the law regarding the number of signatures required to get the tax-funded soccer stadium in Symphony Park on the ballot at the next city election. The Writ of Mandamus requires the City to tell the court why, and explain the details.

The law (NRS 295.205(2)) says that the number is equal to fifteen percent of the people who voted at the last city election. That is the 2013 election where Steve Ross, Stavros Anthony and me were all elected. Fifteen percent of the turnout is 2,306.

The City said in its letter sent about half-way through the petition drive that it finds that law unconstitutional, and therefore must use the city election that has the highest historical voter turnout. Fifteen percent of that turnout is 8,258.

This is an important point because although we gathered more than three times the number required under the law, even that number (6,966 valid signatures) is short of the City’s requirement, and the City has ruled that the petition failed.

The courtroom is open to the public if you want to attend to hear the arguments for yourself.

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