End of the Line

End of the Line
A really rich person who lives in Queensridge told me this morning he’s going to put endless financial resources into defeating me for reelection to the city council, because I won’t support having the rest of Las Vegas taxpayers contributing their cash to bail out his bad Real Estate deal a couple of decades ago of a home on Badlands, where he initialed a “disclosure” that the golf course is going away.
Damn. He could easily funnel more than I’ve ever raised for a city council race to the tool of his choice. And he likely will.
I told him I took great comfort from knowing I actually had marketable skills, because his plan to take me out and soak Vegas taxpayers was wrong but totally viable, and sometimes voters only pay attention to the last 30-second commercial. Been a problem for narrow interests in ward 2 for decades, since the guy before me had marketable skills too.
Ward 2 residents – Thanks for letting me hold this job the last few years. It’s been full-time for me, and I’ve done the best that I can at steering the city out of financial black holes like the one my opponent is trying to steer the city into. I will fight their efforts to get you to pay for their mistake, to the end.
Though they say next spring is the end for me. Few actually worry about it, but I will survive just fine.
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