Is Nevada Interested in Soccer?

The fellow across the street was out watering his trees this morning when Sarah and I got home from Trader Joe’s. He waved me over for an update on our new grandchild. Then he started in on my about the soccer stadium.

He quickly pronounced soccer the most boring spectator sport of all time, recalling the double-overtime game he had once watched on TV that ended 1-0.

How popular is soccer in Nevada? I found a soccer fan-blogger-statistician who used Google Trends to try to compare the states’ interests in various sports. It is an interesting read.

Google Trends says Nevada is about average.


2 thoughts on “Is Nevada Interested in Soccer?”

  1. Not interested in Soccer ..
    Heck not interested in any “big” stadium event … it is a chance to have 20,000 + folks (x 3hrs = 60,000 Man hours) watch 50 people live their dreams, while the spectators think they are living theirs.
    What if 10,000 of those 20,000 worked different neighborhoods in teams: cleaning up, mentoring, or just visiting … drinking beer(cheaper), eating stale pretzels, wearing funny shirts, & chanting as they go …

  2. Thanks for mentioning my article, Bob. Interest in Las Vegas from both MLS and NHL (Nevada had very low Trends scores for Ice Hockey, by the way) is really interesting, as it flies in the face of traditional sports franchises. Usually, season ticket holders are the lifeblood of a sports team, but in Vegas, presumably any team would be highly reliant on tourists being more drawn to a sporting event than they are to all of the gambling and entertainment options on the strip.

    When it comes to Google Trends for these sports within Vegas, I’m really curious as to whether most of the online interest comes from locals or tourists.

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