Liberty Watch Magazine Endorsement

Here’s how Liberty Watch endorsed in the race:

State Treasurer

Two Republicans are vying to be our next State Treasure and for Liberty Watch readers this is an easy decision. Newcomer Derek Uehara vs. Republican Super Hero Bob Beers.

Uehara lacks the knowledge or experience to be Treasurer, and from speeches he has given on the campaign trail, it appears he has very little knowledge of what it means to be a Republican. His position on Education Savings Accounts is discombobulated and schizophrenic at best. NO ON UEHARA.

Bob Beers is a proven commodity for Republicans, a Certified Public Accountant, Beers has served as State Republican Party Treasurer, and also in various leadership roles as, State Assemblyman, State Senator and Las Vegas City Councilman. Beers personifies conservatism, Beers’ knowledge of finance and his experience as a legislator will service the people of Nevada well. Our tax dollars will be in safe hands with Beers at the helm of the Treasurer’s office. Liberty Watch endorses BOB BEERS.

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