Opponent drops bomb, steps in dog do

One of my opponents has published a false website in order to win. You can tell it’s my opponent because it is a) so negative and b) no one else has motive.

Here’s the link, so you can see it yourself.

Since the dawn of time, accounting has boiled down to:

  • Money on hand at the beginning of the period, plus
  • Contributions during the current period, minus
  • Expenses during the current period, equals
  • Money on hand at the end of the period.

The cyber-squatting hitsite says, falsely, that I have campaign debt leftover from my City Council campaigns (proof, the knucklehead says, that my opponent is more fiscally responsible than I am). The debt, she says, is caused by my total contributions being less than my total expenses.

Never mind that the forms have a spot for candidates to list their debt – and that those are blank on my campaign report (because there is no debt).

Sadly, as she asks you to elect a beginner who will not speak out against the Commerce Tax (hear that incredible audio clip here):

she gets it wrong – because there are no beginning balances on the report. As it turns out, if you total my reports from 2014 – 2016, I had more contributions than expenses, and had excess contributions in the bank at the beginning of 2017. There is no debt – that’s why the debt listing is blank. Simple for most people – scary as hell that somebody for whom it is too complicated is attempting to smear the field.

For students of irony, here’s a link to my 2001 legislation to add beginning balances to Nevada’s Campaign Contributions & Expenditure report. This provision was stripped from the bill by the Senate majority before it was passed.

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