Smoking Ban In City Parks

Interesting. I make a post here and comments show up over on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the City Council is considering prohibiting any smoking on any city property, most particularly parks. What do you think?

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4 Comments on "Smoking Ban In City Parks"

  • It is a liberty issue. Even though I do not smoke, I have to agree that smokers have individual rights to. It is a bad idea to waste public money and man power to try and enforce a no smoking ban.More…

  • I don’t smoke, but this is ridiculous! I could care less if people smoke out side.

  • Second hand smoke is NOT a tort. (At least not yet!) No need to help it along that path. That is just my two cents tossed in.

  • I think there is a reasonable balance to be struck here. Keep it away from the playground equipment, and in areas where non-smokers would have to relocate to get away from it (say, bleachers at a special event). Otherwise leave it alone.More…

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