The Parable Of The Broken Window

Government does stuff over alot, it seems. Ranging from tearing out curbs and replacing them with different curbs (to comply with ADA) to busting out windows and replacing them with triple-paned tinted glass (to comply with the 2009 Energy Code) it seems like Government’s always replacing something.

It’s one thing to argue society benefits (by increasing handicapped access to the world, in the case of ADA compliance). But when politicians claim separate benefit because this activity “created jobs” – well, they haven’t learned the Parable of the Broken Window. It explains, quite clearly, why recovering from accidents and catastrophes, and other replacements of capital assets, create net loss (not considering any specific societal goal served by the activity).

One thought on “The Parable Of The Broken Window”

  1. If politician’s “build to generate jobs worked”, it would prove that perpetual motion was “true”

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