A Wimp Speaks Up – Yet Again

I apologize for not sticking up for citizens and taxpayers on this matter for the past four days; I had a rare personal event in my life last month that required my attention all this weekend. I’ve been mostly offline since Friday mid-morning. The Mayor was wrong to berate a member of the public in public.

Tonight, Oscar told the RJ that my concern for taxpayers getting the shaft on the Goodman Stadium proposal is “nonsense”:

Oscar Goodman said he likes the idea of the private partnership taking over the loans for this reason.

“Anything that deflects the nonsense is a good thing,” he said.

Oscar was apparently explaining why he doesn’t think Las Vegas is a major-league city. He’s concerned because we don’t have enough entertainment. So he’s calling the council names – an old courtroom trick, I’m sure.

Alan Snel tweeted that Oscar asks if the City Council are “Leaders or Wimps(his gun moll would be a leader, the majority of the City Council would be the ‘wimps’, in case you need an explanation). I take this back, a couple of days later.  This was a mistake, and I apologize. I was angrier.

It’s between us politicians, and I’ve been called a lot worse, just this week. But Carolyn extended the vitriol to people we represent.  Four Five nights ago, the current mayor berated a fellow citizen who expressed skepticism about her spirited pursuit of a deal with Cordish: Ironically, this video was taped at the Ward 2 “public outreach” session advertised as an opportunity for city leaders to hear the thoughts of the citizens.

Four Five days later, and she has still not apologized. I am obligated to defend my scorned neighbor, and believe she should apologize. He left, mad, and I walked out to talk with him, but could not turn him around to come back into the meeting.

He didn’t seem too steamed, more disappointed.

By the way, much of the stuff in Carolyn’s berating my neighbor are, in fact, wrong:

  • This is a community of 100,000 people
  • People she doesn’t know have not done as much as Carolyn has for our Community
  • This (stadium) is the best thing that has ever happened to us
  • It’s tourist money
  • It’s the messenger’s fault: there is no where in the country that a draft document has become public. Outrageous!
  • This is a time to be open-minded and get the details. If you’re close-minded, it’s criminal. Shame on you.
  • This my community.
  • This is a game changer.
  • We have an opportunity to get on the map.
  • There is no alternative.
  • I will never tell you a lie.
  • I will always tell you the true facts.

To refute her specific statements:

  • It’s a community of more than two million people, only a quarter of whom are taxpayers in the City ‘proper’ and are being asked to guarantee the profits of the Goodman stadium and major sport franchise. The guaranteed payment is about $250 per man, woman and child.
  • Many people Carolyn doesn’t know have put their whole lives into this community. Some were born here. Because they couldn’t afford to put their kids into the Meadows School, Carolyn doesn’t know them. We’re all in this together, not just the rich.
  • A stadium downtown would indeed be a good thing for Las Vegas, but a school construction property tax bond would probably be a better thing.
  • It’s no more tourist money than your personal paycheck is.
  • The draft document she complains was inappropriately leaked was the first of three marked “final draft” and was two weeks overdue when it was delivered. About two days after it was released, I finally noted it had a $4-million error (about half annual revenue). Transparency, transparency, transparency.
  • Self explanatory.
  • This is our community.
  • This is not a game changer. It’s yet another proposed Vegas pro sports franchise, carrying hefty fiscal responsibility for only the quarter of valley residents who live in Las Vegas City Limits.
  • We’re already the #1 place on the map. How could she get this wrong?
  • We have already identified the next developers in line. No alternative could be as bad as this.
  • Um
  • Huh

If she apologizes to that poor citizen she berated, I’ll let you know by deleting this post and posting another about forgiveness. I believe in forgiveness. I’ve made a number of errors myself.

Meanwhile, you’ll hear in the next couple of days about a second term sheet and fourth pro-forma. It still calls for the city to redirect $3-M per year away from park maintenance and into the pockets of Cordish, while decreasing the risk to taxpayers down from wildly extreme to pretty risky. But in a way that requires a brand new term sheet and (at least) a fourth pro-forma.

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  1. Once again, the mayor was right. She had every right to say and do what she did. She needs to apologize to no one for what she said.

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