Too Much House of Cards

Too Much House of Cards

Based on homeowners in Queensridge who have been reaching out to me, the Queensridge HOA has been taken over by desperate litigants trying to sacrifice the public good for their own personal benefit. While I hate to think a ’Select Few’ would lower themselves to such a selfish level, it’s getting very difficult finding evidence to the contrary. On January 31, an 8th District Court Judge ruled all their arguments without legal merit. Yet the HOA persists in continuing its vitriolic scorched-earth political attacks that are based on disinformation, scare tactics and flat out lies, not to mention vicious personal attacks on me and my record.

The linked audio file is a great example. One of the prominent spokeswomen for the Queensridge elites invites me to a “Meet The Candidate” event next week on March 8th.

The problem is that three weeks earlier I had already invited the litigants (and the rest of the world) to my campaign fundraiser the same night in Queensridge. They are all very well aware of my fundraiser that evening yet they scheduled their “event” at the very same date and time!

Do they really believe that I, my supporters in Queensridge and the residents don’t realize what they’re doing?

Folks, let me assure you that my view remains focused on the many issues, opportunities and threats guiding City policy, not on a very narrow, now-judicially-rejected special interest, no matter how rich they are. The ‘Select Few’ want the City to make you carry their freight by having your hard-earned tax dollars buy a failed Badlands and save their golf course-side views. I pledge your taxes won’t get stuck with their bailout.

For five years, my top priority has been to be an outspoken advocate for you at City Hall. I can’t think of a better opportunity to dig my heels in and protect your tax money than this Badlands Golf Course/Queensridge project. I will not allow the thousands of taxpayers in Las Vegas to pay for the mistakes and miscalculations of a rich ‘Select Few’.

Our planned Meet-N-Greet for the many residents of Queensridge who say the HOA no longer represents the Community will continue as planned on March 8th. I will inform the HOA, and the rich elite they represent, that I am more than happy to debate their election candidate recruits and participate in a candidate’s forum, but it cannot be at the same time as my previously scheduled campaign Meet-n-Greet they were invited to three weeks ago.

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  • Cindy baldassarre says

    They appear to be completely transparent and basically only want to ruffle your feathers Bob. Those who know you, know you and that you are a “people’s advocate”. Keep on truckin.

    • Thanks cindy. Social media sneaks up on you, just saw this!

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