Ward Two Public Meeting

Tonight, the Ward 2 #MLS2LV public outreach meeting took place in the auditorium of Rogich Middle School.

A one-page survey and box of pens were offered at the door. My staff and I collected the results. Tonight, Sarah and I sorted out the responses based on where folks are registered to vote.

Of those who could be identified as Las Vegas citizens, three came from Stavros Anthony’s Ward 4. All three (100%) opposed the stadium proposal after the City put its best pro-stadium feet forward, including a long, angry speech from the Mayor.

23 hailed from Ward 2 (my ward). 6 (26%) were in support, 13 (57%) were opposed and 4 (17%) were undecided. One of those in support is the spouse of a team executive. Can’t blame her for weighing in!

The rest are registered to vote outside the City of Las Vegas but inside Clark County. 6 of 8 (75%) were in support while the other 2 (25%) were opposed.

One fellow came from outside Clark County (Pahrump) to voice his support. Some of these soccer fans are very serious!

7 respondents declined to reveal their name or address. 4 (majority) were in favor; the rest (minority) were opposed.

This stadium proposal does seem more popular amongst soccer fans and professionals outside Las Vegas City Limits who will not be on the hook for any operating losses. Can’t say I blame them. Of course, it’s also popular with people planning to directly profit from it.

That’s 42 survey forms turned in, including a few from people closely affiliated with the team. The Review Journal’s Alan Snel tweeted reported total attendance at about 60. So 18 or so people were city staff and developer staff there to do the convincing, and did not turn in survey forms.

2 thoughts on “Ward Two Public Meeting”

  1. What seems unapparent to the taxpayers outside the metro proper is that the Regional Transportation Commission will be responsible for developing the roads and streets serving the stadium. The RTC just received a federal grant to help develop I-11, after a few months ago reporting a shortfall on a 20 year bond only 4 years old. They were gifted indexing fuel tax increase in order to get another 20 year bond. Already the RTC is going to be called upon for roads development funds for the state’s Tesla deal. If this is another burden on the RTC you can bet that in 4 to 5 years, maybe less, the RTC is going to be back in front of the County Commission over yet another shortfall, asking for more taxpayer dollars. Let’s not be naive. Any taxpayer deal made by the Las Vegas City Council affects all of the Clark County taxpayers. Because if this were to become reality it will not just deprive local parks and recreation of needed funds it will eventually be a county wide taxpayer burden, in spite of all the rhetoric and propaganda. Not a single taxpayer subsidized pro sports venue is producing a profit for the taxpaying public. Not one. Oriole Stadium in Baltimore is oft pointed to, but the fact is that the claimed 3million dollar return is on a 200 million dollar investment and no publicity on the tens of millions a year it costs taxpayers in upkeep, maintenance and support services surrounding the stadium…[yes, that includes police presence]. So don’t think your off the hook if you live outside the city proper.

  2. Bob,
    Sorry I couldn’t make the meeting last night.
    I appreciate your efforts to inform the public and enlighten the other members of the Council about the pitfalls of this “deal”.
    It is unthinkable that they cold seriously consider the proposal to purchase a soccer team as part of the package. To leverage such a deal presents an unreasonable risk for a city that is by its own admission strapped.
    How about the Council asks all those individuals and companies that want it to invest their own money? If it is such a great deal let them fund it.

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