We don’t need 8K. The city is wrong.

I already wrote about the city’s “error” where they told us instead of the 2,306 signatures required to qualify the initiative, we need 8,258. You can read the city’s letter here.

Essentially, somebody over at the City Hall has decided that the Nevada Constitution doesn’t mean what it says, it means what they want it to. This is the city’s justification for violating the law, under which our Committee only needs to gather 2,306 signatures 15% of the number of people who voted in the last city election.

It turns out that the Legislature has taken up the city’s interpretation of the Constitution – that the phrase “preceding general county or municipal election” really means “preceding general county or general municipal election” instead of what it says. In 1967, the Legislature specifically considered and rejected applying the percentage to the last city general election and made it the last city election.

Here is the letter I would have delivered to the City Clerk’s office yesterday if it has been open. We are requesting they acknowledge that we need to gather 2,306.

5 thoughts on “We don’t need 8K. The city is wrong.”

  1. If the people in the city government want a different law, they should go to the Legislature to actually change it. I hope this won’t result in an expensive legal action to get those people to comply with the law as written. I also hope this isn’t an action to “delay” your process to get the question on the ballot. You have my support.

  2. Through your entire tenure you have been a good steward of the public’s funds and have looked out for the citizens of the City. I commend you for all your efforts. Keep up the good work Bob.

  3. While this city is just recovering from this ressession, before we can breath a little, city hall wants to tax this Stadium down to the Las Vegas working people.. Tourist dollars should come from the casino’s billionaire’s that say ‘NO’ to a state lottery.. I pray that you can get this passed in the courts, and if not let the people vote. Thank you for your hard work in trying to bring this to the election ballot and hope the Judge does the right thing…

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