Your Right To Health Care

At this morning’s Coffee With The Councilman I met Mel Hollis.

Mel had the coming transition in healthcare high in his thoughts today. It’s been on mine, too. This seems to be where America abandons its legacy approach to health (an individual responsibility) and makes it a societal responsibility. It is a weighty one, as the body of scientific knowledge about manipulating the biology of Homo Sapiens seems an explosive frontier of science, demanding immense resources.

This rapid and expensive expansion of science is largely responsible for the invention of insurance companies – new abilities to diagnose, treat symptoms, and in some cases cure disease are miraculous but financially catastrophic. So companies sprang up and offered to foot the bill, if it happened to you, for a monthly payment. Somehow, receiving the benefit of all this has just been turned into a right. Those who had historically opted out, either by choice or because they didn’t have an income, are now forced in, though they are only going to be forced to pay a little bit of the cost. The rest of their cost will be borne by the rest of us, through a combination of higher insurance premiums, higher government spending or reduced quality of and access to medical care.

Mel points out you can philosophize all you want – that doesn’t change the fact that it’s upon us.

He thinks people who are currently insured don’t have to take action, they just have to wait for decreased paychecks. But for folks who have not been insured, there are major decisions that must be made by the end of the summer. Failure to take action could be very costly. I haven’t investigated Mel’s thoughts any farther than that, as I fall into the first category of people. If you fall into the second, you can reach out to Mel through his website:

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  1. Bob, as a teacher, I see so many kids who don’t have healthcare, and their learning suffers. If we want a society that is healthy in more ways than just their physical body, if we want an environment that is healthy, we must first use the science and the brains that we were given and USE it to help everyone.

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